VA Form 22-1990 Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 22-1990 Printable, Fillable in PDF – Veterans Affairs (VA) Form 22-1990, Application for VA Education Benefits, is a form that is used to apply for educational benefits and support for veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued the most recent version of the form on March 1, 2021, which is the first day of spring. For your convenience, we have included a fillable version of VA Form 22-1990 that is up to date, which you may download below or find on the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

VA Form 22-1990 Printable, Fillable in PDF

In addition to the programs listed below, VA Form 22-1990 is relevant to numerous other national programs, including the following:

  • Veterans Administration (VA) Post-9/11 GI Bill (for military veterans who have served since September 11, 2001);
  • For active-duty members who enroll and pay $100 per month for 12 months, the Montgomery GI Bill, also known as the MGIB, is available. Once they have completed a minimum service obligation, they are eligible to receive a monthly education benefit; the Post 9/11 GI Bill, also known as the PGIB, is available to active-duty members who enroll and pay $100 per month for 12 months.
  • Awarded under the Montgomery GI Bill for Selected Reserve – or MGIB-SR (for reservists who have a six-year commitment to service in the Selected Reserve and are actively drilling);
  • The Post-Vietnam Era Veterans’ Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) is a federally funded program that assists veterans with their educational needs.
  • Armed Forces VEAP applies to duty members who joined the Army between January 1, 1977, and June 30, 1985, and opened a contribution account before April 1, 1987, and contributed anywhere between $25 and $2,700. They must also have completed their first period of service and not have been discharged or released from service under any conditions other than dishonorable. VEAP benefits are accessible to service personnel on active duty who have made three or more months of payments to the program during their active duty period.

It is possible to use VA Form 22-1990 to obtain a college degree or certificate in a technical or vocational field, to sit for licensing and certification exams, to complete apprenticeships or on-the-job learning opportunities in high-tech fields such as flight training or entrepreneurship, to sit for certain entrance examinations, and to take correspondence courses. It cannot be used for vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits, the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry scholarship, the transfer of entitlement, or a national call to duty for military personnel. Other documentation might be used to apply for these benefits.

VONAPP VA Form 22-1990 Formalized Application Requests

Previously, VA Form 22-1990 could be completed online using the Veterans On-Line Application program (VONAPP). Since September 2017, the VONAPP program has been decommissioned, and the VONAPP website is no longer accessible to users.

Instructins For Completing VA Form 22-1990

Through the Veterans Benefits Administration Education and Training website, the VA Form 22-1990 may be completed, signed, and sent electronically.

Candidates who want assistance in developing their particular educational and professional objectives may make use of a range of VA counseling programs to assist them in making their selection. Included in these services are educational and vocational counseling, as well as the requisite tests to assess a candidate’s aptitudes, abilities, and interests, among other things.

Please contact 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (or 1-888-442-4551) for further information about VA counseling.

The VA Form 22-1990: What To Do and What Not To Do

The applicant must give their personal information, pick the benefits for which they are applying, as well as the kind and program of study or training they want to pursue. Other information includes facts about military service, education, and job, as well as marital and dependent status, as well as the eligibility for and use of any further forms of aid that may be available.

The following procedures should be taken by those who have previously decided on a school or training facility:

  • 1st Step: Mail the completed application to the VA Regional Processing Office that is located in the area where the school’s physical location is located.
  • Obtain approval for your VA education benefits from the veteran service officers at the school or training facility you’ve selected in step number two. These authorities will be responsible for submitting your enrollment information to the VA using the VA Form 22-1999, Enrollment Certification, or its electronic counterpart, which is available online.
  • Third, wait for the department to process the paperwork and provide the applicant a notice of its decision about the candidate’s eligibility for educational benefits.

Individuals who have not yet chosen a school or training organization should follow the processes outlined in this document:

  • Applicants should complete and mail their application to the VA Regional Processing Office for the area where their home address is located.
  • Step 2: Wait for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process the paperwork and provide notice of its decision about the candidate’s eligibility for education benefits.

Forms Related To VA Form 22-1990 Include:

  • VA Document 22-1990E, Application for Family Member to Utilize Transferred Benefits, is a form that service members who are qualified to transfer benefits to their dependents must complete to apply for a Transfer of Entitlement (TOE) to their dependents. The request to transfer benefits should be approved by the service member’s military branch of assignment. The VA Form 22-1990e cannot be used to claim benefits on behalf of the military member.
  • The VA Form 22-1990T, Application for Individualized Tutorial Assistance, is used to submit a request for extra funds to be utilized for tutorial support. The subject matter must be required for the completion of the VA-approved program to be considered. To be eligible for assistance, the applicant must be enrolled in a post-secondary program at an educational institution for at least one-half of the time.
  • Form 22-1990N, Application for VA Education Benefits under the National Call to Service (NCS) Program, is used to apply for education benefits under the National Call to Service (NCS). To be eligible for these benefits, individuals must have enlisted in the military on or after October 1, 2003, signed an enlistment contract with the NCS program, and then chosen one of the two educational incentives offered by the NCS.

VA Form 22-1990 Printable, Fillable in PDF

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