VA Form 21P-8416b Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 21P-8416b Printable, Fillable in PDF – It is possible to get a copy of VA Form 21P-8416b, Report of Medical, Legal, and Other Expenses Incident to Recovery for Injury or Death, by contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) (VA). It is used by veterans to supply information, to establish their eligibility for income-based benefits and the rate payable. This form is used to record compensation for personal injury or death that has been received.

VA Form 21P-8416b Printable, Fillable in PDF

The current version of the form was issued on March 1, 2018, with all earlier versions outdated. A fillable VA Form 21P-8416b may be downloaded from the link provided below.

When a claimant receives compensation from another organization or government agency as a result of a personal injury or death, the compensation is deemed countable income for the Veterans Administration (VA). The claimant should maintain any receipts or other relevant proof of payments for at least 3 years after VA decides on a medical expenditure claim.

This form is connected to VA Form 21P-8416, Medical Expense Report. The VA 21P-8416 is used to record medical or dental costs that are not or will not be repaid. The veteran or a member of their family may be reimbursed for the expenditures that have been recorded.

Instructions For Completing VA Form 21P-8416b

The form is issued without any filling directions provided by the VA.

Detailed Instructions On How To Complete VA Form 21P-8416b

Instructions for VA Form 21P-8416b are as follows:

  • Part I (Personal Identification Information) contains information on the veteran and the claimant’s identification. In item 1, the veteran’s complete name is required. Item 2 requires the veteran’s social security number, which is put in the appropriate field. Item 3 contains the VA file number, which may be found here. The date of birth is entered in the fourth field. Item 5 is where the veteran’s service number is typed if it is relevant. Item 6 requires the claimant’s complete name to be supplied. This item contains the current postal address, including the ZIP code, as well as the city and state. Those in the claimant’s phone number and email address are listed in items 8 and 9, respectively.
  • Part II (Explanation of Costs) consists of a chart that lists all of the expenses that have been claimed. Expenses should be labeled with the reason for which they were paid, such as legal fees, fees for expert witnesses, medical expenses paid before the date of recovery, and so on. Column B is used to record the amount of money that has been paid. Column C contains the date on which the payment is to be made. Column D contains the name of the service that is being offered, such as an attorney or a doctor. Column E is used to specify which organization provided the pay.
  • The veteran’s social security number, which should have been supplied at the start of the form, should appear on the second page of the form. The form should be supplemented by an additional sheet of paper with columns that match those on the form. This sheet of paper should be stapled to the form in case the space supplied is inadequate.
  • Signing and dating the completed form signifies that the claimant has verified that all of the information supplied is accurate.

What address should I Use To Send VA Form 21P-8416b?

Alternatively, the form may be delivered in person or sent to the nearest VA benefits office. The mailing address for the VA Form 21P-8416B may be found on the Department of Veterans Affairs website. Because the VONAPP website is no longer functioning, it is not possible to submit a claim using the Veteran’s Online Application.

VA Form 21P-8416b Printable, Fillable in PDF

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