VA Form 21-4138 Fillable PDF, Examples

VA Form 21-4138 Fillable PDF, Examples – When it comes to the VA’s evaluation of your disability claim, VA Form 21-4138, also known as a “Statement in Support of Claim”, may be very important. You will be asked to provide the VA with certain pieces of personal information when you fill out a Statement in Support of Claim form.

VA Form 21-4138 Fillable PDF, Examples

When to Use VA Form 21-4138?

In the case of a VA “buddy statement” or other statements from someone who has personal knowledge of facts you think would assist support your claim for VA benefits, you should submit VA Form 21-4138.

Prepare to give the VA the following information when completing VA Form 21-4138:

  • Your first and last name;
  • Identifying information such as your Social Security Number;
  • Your service identification number;
  • Your Veterans Affairs file number is: Whenever you communicate with the VA about your claim, this number will be printed on the correspondence;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Information about how to get in touch (Mailing address, phone number, email address).

Using this information, the VA will be able to identify you and maintain track of your claim. Your claim may be denied if the VA does not receive all of the required information and documents. If you submit the VA with all the material they need, it is possible that you may not get a judgment on your appeal for more than six months.

Submit Your VA Form 21-4138

Once you have successfully completed a Statement in Support of Claim, you can either drop it off in person at your area VA office or submit it to the VA through regular mail. They will be able to continue with the decision-making process after they have received your information from you.

VA Form 21-4138 Fillable PDF, Examples

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