VA Form 5655 Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 5655 Printable, Fillable in PDF – Department of Veterans Affairs financial status reports are filed on VA Form 5655, which is an acronym for the Department of Veterans Affairs Financial Status Report. This document provides the Veterans Administration with information on a veteran’s financial situation. A Financial Status Report is the most often utilized document to assess whether or not a veteran is eligible for benefits via the VA. Debt exemptions, payment plans, and settlement proposals to reconcile debt are just a few of the advantages available to you. This form asks the veteran to provide personal information such as his or her name, social security number, and contact information. In addition, applicants will be required to offer a full account of their financial circumstances, which will include the job histories of themselves and their spouses, as well as details on their income and spending.

VA Form 5655 Printable, Fillable in PDF

What Exactly Is The VA Form 5655?

The Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States uses a VA Form 5655 to document service to the country’s veterans. A Financial Status Report is a name given to this document. The form is meant to provide the VA with information about your present financial condition and financial situation in the future. A request for this form is often made to assess eligibility for different benefits offered by the Veterans Administration, such as debt exemptions, payment plans, or compromise offers, among others.

In the first part, you will be required to provide some personal information. This information contains your name, social security number, and mailing address. It will also be important to get the applicant’s and their spouse’s employment histories. The next parts will go into further depth on finances, including income and spending. This information will be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs to assess whether or not you are eligible for benefits. Make certain that you fill out each section entirely and correctly.

A VA Form 5655 is widely used to provide the Department of Veterans Affairs with financial information. This information will be used by the VA to assess whether or not you are eligible for certain benefits.

The Components Of A VA Form 5655 Are As Follows

Among the parts of the VA Form 5655 are the following:

  • Information about the individual
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Income from Discretionary Activities
  • Assets
  • Contracts for Installment Payments and Other Debts
  • Information Supplementary to the Foregoing
  • Certifications of Applicants

Detailed Instructions On How To Complete VA Form 5655

You will need to supply the following information on VA Form 5655 to complete it:

  • Information about the individual
  • Identifying information such as a social security number
  • Identifying number for the file
  • Justification for completing the form
  • Name
  • Obtaining a Postal Address (number and street or rural code, city or P.O. Box, state, and ZIP code)
  • Phone number, including area code (if applicable).
  • Date of birth is required.
  • Whether or whether you are married
  • Identifying information about the spouse
  • Other dependents’ ages (if any)
  • For the preceding two years, you and your spouse must provide a detailed account of your employment (include name and address of employer)
  • Income
  • Monthly income for oneself and one’s spouse on average
  • Salary every month in gross terms
  • Deductions from your paycheck
  • Take-home pay is the amount of money you get after taxes.
  • Payments from the VA, social security, disability benefits, or other sources of income
  • Total net monthly income is calculated as follows:
  • Expenses
  • Payment for rent or a mortgage
  • Food
  • Utilities and central heating
  • Miscellaneous living expenditures
  • Payments on installment contracts and other obligations are made every month.
  • The total amount of money spent per month
  • Income from Discretionary Activities
  • Monthly net income minus monthly costs
  • The amount of money you can afford to pay toward your debt every month.
  • Assets
  • Money in the bank
  • Having money on hand
  • Automobiles
  • Trailers, boars, and campers are all available.
  • Savings bonds issued by the United States
  • Investing in stocks and other types of bonds
  • Real estate that is owned
  • Various other assets
  • Assets in their entirety
  • Contracts for Installment Payments and Other Debts
  • All debts that you are compelled to pay in regular monthly installments, including auto loans, television loans, washing machine loans, payments to dealers, banks, and financing firms, for whatever reason, including medical bills and hospital expenses, are included.
  • The name and address of the creditor, the date and purpose of the debt, the initial amount of the debt, the outstanding balance, the amount due each month, and the amount past due are all shown.
  • Information Supplementary to the Foregoing
  • Whether you have ever been declared bankrupt is irrelevant.
  • The date on which bankruptcy was discharged
  • The location of the court
  • No. of the docket
  • Any other information that is relevant to the application should be included. If extra information is required, you may submit it on additional pages if necessary.
  • Certifications of Applicants
  • Signature
  • Signed on the dotted line
  • Signature of spouse
  • Date signed

VA Form 5655 Printable, Fillable in PDF

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