VA Form 22-1999 Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 22-1999 Printable, Fillable in PDF – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issues VA Form 22-1999, Enrollment Certification, to assess whether or not a student is eligible for education benefits, as well as the appropriate amount of benefits.

VA Form 22-1999 Printable, Fillable in PDF

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued the most recent version of the form on March 1, 2009. It is possible to submit a digitally signed version of the VA Form 22-1999 by clicking on the link below, or it is accessible on the Veterans Administration website. The completion of the paper is entirely optional. Unless the VA receives the needed information, the student will be unable to receive any educational benefits from the VA. All of the replies are kept strictly secret. A companion document, VA Form 22-1999c, Certificate of Affirmation of Enrollment Agreement – Correspondence Course, is used to disburse education benefits for correspondence training.

Instructions For Completing VA Form 22-1999

On the first page of the paper, you will find detailed instructions for filling out the form. They should be thoroughly reviewed before finishing the document, then separated and saved for future reference, if necessary. Filling out the document is optional unless it has a valid OMB control number, in which case it is mandatory.

Apart from instructions, the paper has two sides, which are regarded as independent Enrollment Certifications by the federal government. SIDE A of the VA Form 22-1999 should be utilized for Institutions of Higher Learning or institutions that provide non-college degree training. Side B is intended for use in flying training, correspondence courses, apprenticeship, or on-the-job training programs, among other things. Only one of these sides is required to be finished.

If you are finishing Side B, it is important to first take out and reverse the copy-paper on your computer. It is necessary to check that Copy 1 is at the top of the page before beginning to fill out the document.

How Do I Fill Out VA Form 22-1999 In The Military?

The paper is simple to complete since the majority of its fields are self-explanatory. It takes around 10 minutes to go through the directions, locate the information, and complete the document. The following are the instructions for completing the project:

  • Items 1 through 4 on both sides of the paper, as well as the student’s name and address, are required. Because checks and other communication from the VA will be delivered to the address provided, it is essential to give a proper and up-to-date address. Occasionally, the File number and the student’s Social Security number will match (SSN). If this is not the case, the student’s SSN should be included in Item 4.
  • Items 5 through 6 on both sides are self-explanatory and pertain to the kind of training, the name of the program that has been authorized by the VA, matriculation, and a letter from the parent’s educational institution.
  • If the student is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, this information must be included in Item 7 on Side A.
  • Items 7 and 8 on Side B both need an explanation of any previous credit to be applied. Leaving this field blank while completing Side B is strictly prohibited by the rules. If the assessment has not yet been finished, it is important to mark it as “Pending.” If there has been no previous credit provided, the value “0” or “None” should be entered.
  • A thorough description of the enrollment should be included in the “Enrollment Data” section on Side A. This information should include the starting and ending dates of the enrollment, as well as the length of the courses completed, costs, and the amount of the Yellow Ribbon Program contribution (if applicable).
  • If a student asks that education benefits be paid in advance, items 15A and B on Side A should be filled on the student’s behalf.
  • If the student wishes to seek expedited payments, he or she must complete Items 16A and B on Side A of the application. Beneficiaries of Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607 are the only ones who may get the expedited payments.
  • It is required to provide the name of the principal institution in Item 17, “Remarks,” to get certification for a guest student.
  • The document must be signed by the certifying authority for it to be legitimate. The Enrollment Certification is only signed by the student if he or she is seeking expedited or advance payments.

What Address Should VA Form 22-1999 Be Sent To?

The completed Enrollment Certification form should be sent to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Furthermore, it may be completed and sent online using the VA-ONCE system. It is necessary to contact the Education Liaison Representative to get further information and support. The document must be submitted at least 120 days before the start of the semester.

VA Form 22-1999 Printable, Fillable in PDF

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