VA Form 21P-4706b Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 21P-4706b Printable, Fillable in PDF – Specifically, VA Form 21P-4706b, Federal Fiduciary’s Account, is a document that is used to provide the comprehensive accounting of the beneficiary’s estate for the time specified by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is available online (VA). An accounting should include the initial account balance, monies handled by the person (fiduciary) on behalf of the beneficiary, a detailed record of costs paid with funds from the beneficiary’s account, and a final account balance. All of this information is essential to verify that the beneficiary’s account is correctly maintained.

VA Form 21P-4706b Printable, Fillable in PDF

Instructions For Completing VA Form 21P-4706b

Detailed directions for completing VA Form 21P-4706b may be found in Section I of the paper below. To account for all money collected on the beneficiary’s behalf, including VA funds, military retirement pay, and Social Security Administration (SSA) payments, you must keep detailed records. Because they may be required during the audit of the submitted account, it is necessary to save all receipts and other supporting evidence for costs. You should not include in the report any money that you do not manage on the beneficiary’s behalf, and you should not include any assets that you do manage on the beneficiary’s behalf.

If you need personal assistance, you may contact the Fiduciary Hub of your jurisdiction by calling toll-free 1-888-407-0144 or by emailing the Fiduciary Hub.

Detailed Instructions On How To Complete VA Form 21P-4706b

The following information should be included on VA Form 21P-4706b:

  • In the “From” field, provide your complete name and mailing address. In the “To” field, type in the address of the Fiduciary Hub. The address for the Fiduciary Hub may be found in the letter alerting the recipient of the accounting.
  • “Name of Veteran” should be filled out with the veteran’s complete name. The beneficiary, or the person who is eligible to receive monies, may be someone other than the veteran; in this case, the beneficiary’s name should be included in “Name of Beneficiary.”
  • In the “File Number” field, enter the claim number or SSN. It may be located in the upper right-hand corner of any mailings you get from the Veterans Administration.
  • Items A through I are included in the category “Money Received.”
  • The value of Item A should be “$0” if this is the first accounting. If this is not the case, the ending balance from the preceding accounting period must be specified.
  • Item B requires you to indicate the number of months and the monthly amount of money you handled on behalf of the beneficiary throughout the accounting period in the relevant boxes on the form. Furthermore, any retroactive money received during this time should be included in this section. If the amount varies more than twice, it is permissible to employ Items E through H to offer complete information; but, if the amount varies more than twice, it is not permissible.
  • If the Social Security Administration acknowledges you as the representative payee on the beneficiary’s behalf, the relevant amount of SSA money must be recorded in Item C; otherwise, the SSA monies must be put in Item D.
  • It is item D that records the amount of interest earned on monies that have been placed in a bank.
  • Each and every dollar of funding received from other sources must be noted in Items E through H.
  • The item I contains the entire amount of money that was received.
  • Items A through M are included in the category “Money Spent.”
  • In Items A through L, list the sums spent for accommodation and board, clothes, entertainment, support of the recipient’s dependents, and other costs incurred by the beneficiary.
  • Item M requires the entire amount of monies spent to be recorded into the system.
  • To calculate total estate at the end of the period, subtract the amount in Item M (“Money Spent”) from the amount in Item I (“Money Received”) and enter the result in Box 3 (“Total Estate at the End of Period”).
  • Section IV should be used to record the assets at the conclusion of the accounting period.
  • There should be a match between the amount supplied in Box 5 (“Total Assets”) and the amount stated in Box 3.
  • Box 6 is for any other information or notes that you may have.
  • After the paper has been completed, sign it. Filling out the reverse portion of the form is optional, and it should only be done if you have been designated as a fiduciary for the beneficiary specified on the account.

VA Form 21P-4706b Printable, Fillable in PDF

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