VA Form 21-674b Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 21-674b Printable, Fillable in PDF – Children of veterans who are qualified to receive educational benefits are required to submit VA Form 21-674b, School Attendance Report, which confirms that they are attending school each day. The same form is used to record any changes in the student’s academic or social standing (marriage, quitting a course, changing schools, etc.).

VA Form 21-674b Printable, Fillable in PDF

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued the most recent version of the form on June 1, 2018, which replaces the previous version, which was released in April 2015. FVA Form 21-674b, a fillable form, is available for digital filing and download below, or it may be obtained on the VA’s website.

A form that is nearly connected to the VA Form 21-674b is VA Form 21-674, Request for Approval of School Attendance (Request for Approval of School Attendance). The form is used to seek clearance to attend a certain school or course, as well as to apply for any relevant perks or reimbursements.

Instructions For Completing VA Form 21-674b

The VA Form 21-674b must be completed and submitted to the VA office within 60 days of the student’s first day of school or the first day of a course at the school or course. Payments made by school attendance shall be canceled if the form is not returned on or before the due date.

The paper is divided into two sections, with only one of them being required to be completed. The following are the filing instructions:

The VA filing number is required for Item 1. Item 2 should provide the mailing address of the VA office where the paperwork will be returned to the applicant. Items 3A and 3B ask for the qualifying veteran’s complete name and e-mail address, which are also required. Items 4A and 4B need the student’s complete name and Social Security number.

A claimant is responsible for completing Part I. Item 5 should include the official start date of the course, which should be specified. In Item 6A, two checkboxes are used to establish whether or not a student has begun the course.

  • If the response is affirmative, the date the pupil first enrolled in school must be included in Item 6B of the questionnaire. If the response is no, the claimant is required to explain Item 15 of the claim form.
  • Item 7A should identify whether the student is eligible for any tuition assistance under the VA DEA, the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, or any other Federal Agency Benefit. If the response is affirmative, items 7B and C should be completed as well.
  • The claimant must sign the form, confirm their affiliation to the student, and give a phone number to ensure that the information supplied is accurate.
  • The VA Form 21-674b must be signed in ink by a parent, guardian, or caretaker, and the signature must be legible. The student is only permitted to sign the document after he or she has reached the legal age of majority, which is defined by state legislation.

Part II of the form is filled out by a school official to record the end of a student’s school attendance.

  • Item 12A should include the date on which the agreement will come to an end. Item 12B determines whether or not this date represents the official conclusion of a regular term. Item 13A should be completed if a favorable response is received and the commencement date of the following regular term should be supplied. Item 13B of the form requires the official who is submitting the form to explain if the response is “no.”
  • Item 14 asks for the reason for the cessation of attendance, which must be provided. Item 15 may be used for any extra comments that you may have. Item 16 specifies the name of the institution of higher learning.
  • An official from the school must sign and date the form in Item 17 to attest that the information supplied is accurate.

VA Form 21-674b Printable, Fillable in PDF

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