VA Form 21-527EZ Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 21-527EZ Printable, Fillable in PDF – A Fully Developed Claim (Pension) was filed using VA Form 21-527EZ, Fully Developed Claim (Pension). The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published it on February 1, 2010, and it is effective immediately. This document has been superseded by the VA Form 21-527EZ, which is now out of date. For your convenience, a fillable copy of VA Form 21-527EZ is provided below.

VA Form 21-527EZ Printable, Fillable in PDF

A veteran’s pension is a monetary reward that is not subject to taxation. The program is only accessible to low-income wartime veterans who are at least a specific age and who do not have a service-connected disability.

The paper is divided into two sections. The first section offers a list of requirements that must be met to be eligible for the Fully Developed Claim (FDC) Program. The document also contains documentation to establish the claim, eligibility criteria that the veteran must fulfill for the claim to be handled via the FDC, an explanation of benefits before submitting a claim with the FDC, and a comparison of the FDC and Standard Claim Process standards. The actual application form is included in the second section of the booklet.

VA Form 21-527EZ (Electronic VA Form 21-527EZ) Instructions

Instructions on how to complete and submit the VA Pension Application were given in detail in the first section of this booklet. The next section contains step-by-step instructions.

The VA Form 21-527EZ Is A Simple Form To Fill Out

The following information is required to be included on the application:

  • Section I demanded just the most basic of identification and claim data. If you were 65 or older and did not claim a pension based on a handicap, you had to state “N/A” in Items 9 and 10 of the application. Otherwise, you would have had to specify your disability as well as the medical locations where you received treatment.
  • Section II dealt with information that was tied to a service. It was necessary to complete all of the fields in this section, and none of them were optional.
  • Section III requested you to provide information about your previous employment. You were required to disclose all jobs, including self-employment, for the previous year before being disabled. It was possible to continue on a second page if the space supplied was insufficient.
  • Section IV of the application required a description of the marital status. If you were divorced or widowed, you were required to provide divorce papers or death certificates with your application.
  • The next section asked for information about your marital status. If you were not married, you might omit this section entirely.
  • Section VI inquired about youngsters who were financially reliant on their parents. Items 24A through 24D required you to include the dependent children who did not reside with you but were listed in Item 23A as dependent children.
  • Section VII of the application requested you to indicate your net worth as well as the net worth of any dependents. There were no things that could be left blank in this section. If you did not have any revenue from a certain source, you had to put “0” or “None” in that field.
  • Section VIII included information on monthly family income, which included the income of dependents. Additionally, you were not permitted to leave any blank fields in this section;
  • Section IX of the application requires you to provide an estimate of your family income for the next 12 months.
  • Section X of the budget allocated funds for medical, legal, and other unreimbursed expenditures.
  • Following that, the information for the direct deposit had to be input.
  • Section XII of the application requested your signature and the date. Before signing the paper, it was required to double-check that all of the information supplied was correct and full.
  • If you signed with an “X,” you were required to supply the names and addresses of two witnesses to testify on your behalf.

What Address Should VA Form 21-527EZ Be Sent To?

The Pension Application could not be submitted via eBenefits due to technical difficulties. There were two options for submitting the VA 21-527EZ: send it to your local Pension Management Center or drop it off at a local VA office. You may locate their location on the VA website, or you can phone them at 1-800-827-1000 for further information.

VA Form 21-527EZ Printable, Fillable in PDF

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